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How we accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world in online events

Green to Gold: How businesses can make sustainability profitable

The topic of sustainability dominates many discussions around business today. There's no question that building sustainable products and services is beneficial to people and planet – but what about profit?

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This is not our manifesto

These aren’t just words on a screen; this is really how we prefer to manifesto.

Doing Good is good business

We know companies that do good for their people and the planet end up doing better business. Today, organizations are porous, so working with integrity from the inside-out is key if you truly want to make a positive impact. Committing to ambitious goals related to sustainability, diversity and inclusion, employee wellness, and corporate citizenry, will be rewarded with higher profits, lower employee turnover, and greater company longevity. That’s just a fact.

More “Let’s Go!”, less chit chat

Making a positive impact today means making fast, data-informed decisions while capturing the depth of know-how in your organization. All of this requires true collaboration; we enjoy getting our hands dirty alongside you as we prototype and iterate our way forward (and have lots of fun along the way!). Using our 5-step model and the sprint methodology not only leads to more alignment and action, it’s also how we’re able to overdeliver without overcharging.

Put people and values at the center

People and values are the central ethos of our work. This means we view organisations as living networks; your customers and employees are not just numbers or personas, they are real people with diverse principles, perspectives, and emotions. Your capacity to lead your team toward positive impact depends on us designing and managing a process that bolsters enthusiasm and leads to alignment..

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