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We empower the people who change their companies

It’s the decade of action

We believe companies like yours can make a big difference in the transition towards a more sustainable world. But companies don’t change, it’s people who change companies. That’s where we come in. We help you innovate on sustainability & inclusion. We empower you and your co-workers to turn ambition into a joint strategy and action at scale. We create momentum for change by facilitating better online collaboration, decision-making and upskilling teams 👏🏻

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We empower teams in online Leadership Summits.

Effective online collaboration is on every leader’s mind. We’re supporting global teams to define their strategic challenges and innovate across departments – all online. Curious to see how? Watch our behind the scenes video.

How we accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world in online events

We help you innovate with our Impact Sprints.

We believe that challenges in large corporates take way to long to solve. That’s why we like to bring people together in impact sprints. In a compressed process, we force teams to map challenges, sketch solutions, make decisions, prototype, test with end-users and iterate. Curious to see a sprint in action? Check our Tony’s Chocolonely video.

How we accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world in online events

We train teams to become Facilitators of Change.

We train you and your co-workers to become Facilitators of Change; from methodologies to tools like Miro and from best practices for working online to structuring change. Learn more.

How do we work?

We love to inspire, disrupt and engage you and your co-workers. Our online events, workshops, design sprints and trainings put your teams in the driver’s seat. By combining proven methods that encourage people to participate and act, we help steer teams away from endless discussions and toward alignment and outcomes. Whether we’re working with leaders on a new vision or on a campaign to empower employees, we’ll ensure all voices are heard as we co-create and deliver a virtual experience that accelerates decision-making and progress across the organisation.

How we accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world with online events
How we accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world in online events
How we accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable world in online events

Why we do good

The business case is clear: doing good makes for more profitable and resilient companies. Homogenous workforces make for weak products and services. Unhappy employees either burnout or mobilize to get what they want. CSR posing as PR is a sham now that sustainability is a known business imperative. There’s a lot to consider and we’d like to be your partner in this transition. Learn more about how to do well by doing good in a 30 min. session with our CEO, Joost de Leij.

This is us

We activate organizations: our core team is made up of experience-designers, facilitators, and production experts. Depending on the project, we connect and curate experts in culture-building, leadership development, sustainability and circularity, and other category experts. Learn more about who’s behind everything we do.


Bart Lacroix

🙌🏻 Facilitator of Change, Strategist

Bregje Peys

Head of Programs & People

Joost de Leij

🙌🏻 Facilitator of Change, Strategist, Founder

Tjalling Jelsma

Account Director

Maria Duloquin

Associate Innovation Consultant & Facilitator

Jop Blom

Associate Sustainability & Social Venture Strategist

Mansi Jasuja

Associate Facilitator & NGO Program Manager

Joyce Velu

Associate Strategist & Facilitator

Lisanne Kühne

Content Creator, Creative Producer

Marrit Plat

Facilitator, Communication Strategist

Thomas van Asperen

Head of Production, Partner

Alimarije Zwaagstra

Graphic designer, Animator
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